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We offer a variety of services! We have found out a few things through the years of building our business. Clients that have S.M.A.R.T goals, surround by positive ambitious people, they are more likely to achieve their goals!.


Group training : is our featured product. It puts helpful ambitious people in the same room to help motivate and realize their potential.

Personal Training : for the person that is maybe just starting with their fitness journey. We help them learn and master the basics before attending group classes!

Meal Plans : Looking to shed a few pounds for the summer or those looking to gain weight to increase athletic performance.

Workout plans : For those who like to do their own thing but still need to follow a road map on the path to completing their mission.

Athlete Training : Interested in playing sports at the next level? Strength and conditioning is the bridge that needs to be crossed  for young athletes to even have the chance to pursue their dream. Prioritize getting bigger, faster, and stronger with our athletic training.

Body Work : Drena is a certified Massage therapist and Bodywork expert. Her goal is to keep you active and moving as fitness is apart of the lifestyle.


Athlete Training


Body Work

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